Here are collections that I either have a piece within or have pulled together. If you are looking for great book for your arsenal of quick-reads for on the train, sitting in the lobby, or even on your lunch break, I highly recommend keeping an Anthology or two in your kindle or in your bag.
Demonic Anthology Vol II

Demonic Household


Readers Beware

You are traveling into a dark and humorous place. 

We start you off with light, soft stories, but be warned. You will find yourself falling into the ever darker, gorier, and more demonic stories with each passing page. 

You may look at your couch, your washer, and even television and wonder if you should be laughing anymore. 

Will your household turn on you? 

Keep your Owner’s Manuals close by!

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Palmas Publishing

Urban Legends Re-Imagined


Thrill of the Hunt: A Collection of Suspenseful Tales Book 4

Urban legends have thrilled and chilled us for years, always with a slightly different twist in the telling. Discover the truth behind some of these legends. From the legend of the Chupacabra, to the Headless Horseman, to Friday 13th or a Kidney Thief.

Twenty one different authors, twenty one tellings. These are your stories.

The Alliance of Worldbuilders

A World Of Their Own

Without imagination, the world would be a duller place. All proceeds from this collection will be given to the World Literacy Foundation. Literacy is a right, not a privilege, and The Alliance of Worldbuilders advocate learning and education for all. Improving literacy skills is a key first step in eliminating poverty. From authors all around the world, these science fiction and fantasy stories bring memorable worlds and exciting characters to life.

This Collection contains 39 Stories from all side of the Speculative Fantasy & Sci-Fi genre.

"....and wow do you get a wide array of worlds to dive into. Grimy street urchins escaping monstrous thugs, modern-day amnesiac angels in an action-romance, witches valiantly defending goblins, a young modern explorer in a haunted Spanish castle, an office-worker’s trip to an enchanted arcade. The diversity is fantastic."

~ 5 Star Review by Bradley Darewood via

Thrill of the Hunt Anthology

The Hunted: Welcome to White Bridge

Hundreds of years ago in the town of Whitebridge, Native and European alike fought evil and won. The result, a town disconnected from our reality except for one day a year, the longest day, the day of the summer solstice. 

Unfortunately the evil they thought beaten has just been biding its time. As generations have worked toward reconnecting with our world, some are content with the evil that surfaces once a year. With disappearances and random deaths of both residents and outsiders increasing, factions fight to either free the town or condemn it for all eternity.

Join the TOTH authors as they tell the story of Whitebridge, from Dani Lyons the current town Sheriff who begins to discover the truth of what has been going on, to Ariane Nantuck, one of the towns oldest residents who holds more secrets than anyone knows, to Billy Bane, who always appears crazy as a fox or is he just crazy. 

No one person knows the truth, will you?

Battle Goddess Production

Demonic Wildlife

READERS BEWARE - You are about to set foot on a bizarre adventure, a funny fantastical one filled with demonic animals. The first few stories are light, more about the giggles, but be warned. As you read further, the dark creepy side will sneak up on you. Within this entertaining tome you will find spiders, snakes, sheep, wolves, manatees, hummingbirds, squirrels, and many more!

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