VTMAS No.28: The Happy Trail

Being in Central Florida has its benefits, including going to a theme park to celebrate my twenty-first birthday. Unlike most of my peers, I had no interest in drinking so it was a great plan to have an above average celebration without the alcohol. I had chosen to go to Universal’s Islands of Adventure with my two best friends, Martin and Karly, and boyfriend Justin (Now husband). Hours had gone by at this point, Karly had headed home, and now we were waiting in line to get

VTMAS No.4: Surprise Autopsy

**WARNING: This story may not be for the squeamish or sensitive** One of my favorite things about the veterinary office today was that it was closed.  I was having a frustrating day and the idea of working alone walking and caring for the dogs, cats, and any exotic animals was a nice moment. Taking advantage of the fact I was flying solo at the office, I made the decision to not where my scrubs. Instead, I was in boy’s khaki shorts, a white tank top with a Hawaiian shirt over