SFFN: Celtic Apollo Versus Greek Apollo

Sci-Fi Fantasy Network asked me if I wanted to post another article after the previous had done so well. Of course, being the “Accidental Guru” I could not resist. Looking over all the excess piles of research in both notebooks and sketchbooks, I had to say yes. This time, the research stemmed from my searches for authentic Apollo lores, legends, and mythology. What I cam across was confusing. What I knew about Apollo blasted into tiny bits and remade as I stripped off the ne

Can Fiction Still Teach Us Something Memorable?

Authors often draw inspiration from history and mythology, but how much of this stays with their readers? Are we able to learn about our world through fiction? Orlando, FL:  When a book, game or movie is labeled Historical Fiction we assume there is some underlying truth to the setting, characters, or plot. We are experiencing something that has some factual foundation, riding on a fictional, embellished plotline and left with a more up-close experience. This includes the pas

PowerPoint from Writing a Novel 101

Once more, I want to thank everyone who came out to attend one, if not all my classes on “Writing a Novel 101” at the Orange County Library in Downtown Orlando. I hope I was able to provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration at some point into each of you. Again, do not hesitate to reach out to me, follow my online sites, and know I stay rather active in the literary community. Below is a link to the PDF and PowerPoint Show files from my presentation for your convenience. Belo