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NaNoWriMo 101 – 2017 Edition PowerPoint

Yesterday, on behalf of Orlando Nanowrimo at the South Trail location for OCLS I had the honor to introduce and inform writers what this “Nanowrimo” thing in November means. I had a great group and it was fun tackling the questions many still had after the presentation. Per my promise, here are links to the PowerPoint I used both in PDF and PPS format via DropBox: PDF: PPS: https://www.

Author News

Hello Readers, Followers, Fans and the Curious! I haven’t done an update in a while, so here’s a run down on where I am with my pile of writing assignments. A lot of questions and eyes coming through my internet doors as of late and it seems I owe you some news on novels and what else might be going on and may be of interest for you all. Take in a deep breath, because this list is  much bigger than even I realized and I will let you know where these sit on my priorities list

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