VTMAS No.13: Meet Charmander the Cat

I had an amazing cat named Charmander. No really, he was freaking awesome and more importantly a clever, asshole at best. My Husband thought I was talking up the cat but I insisted this wasn’t ‘just ANY cat’. If anyone has had the pleasure of owning a Maine Coon, or mixed version, it becomes very clear that this is more like a  Dog with the pro’s of a cat. The eyebrow muscles on their faces give them expression and they are very rich in terms of Personality. We had gotten my

VTMAS No.12: The Pirate’s Booty

“Uh oh, it’s just me and you, Mary.” I gave me boss a smirk as I walked into the store and clocked in. “Should I be scared?” Puzzled, she questioned the idea of being alone with me. “Last time it was Luke and I, we got Outlaws, Warlocks, and a knight… so who knows what we might end up with.” We laughed for a moment before getting to work. It was an unusually dead day at the store. It was in Tourist-ville Orlando, or as we called it I-Drive. Traffic was even lighter than usual