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Urban Legends Erotica

Cryptids, Ghosts, Humorous, Gilted Lovers, Rebounds, Erotica


There are things that go bump in the night …
and slither beneath the sheets.

Cryptids are thought to be beings of folklore, crafted to explain the unexplainable. Sasquatch, the Chupacabra, and the New Jersey Devil have become a part of the collective unconscious and are responsible for thousands—millions!—of nightmares. But sometimes, the most frightening thing is exciting.

Join Frankie, Clara, and Abigail as they explore what it means to be afraid—and titillated. For Frankie, that means helping a Sasquatch shifter escape his furry form. Clara sets fire to her own life, and ignites a new fire in Chupacabra’s loins. Abigail loses it all but seduces a Devil at the roulette table.

Honey Cummings offers three tales that will make you tingle … in every conceivable way.

Includes 3 novellas: Sleeping with Sasquatch, Cuddling with Chupacabra, and Naked with Jersey Devil.

Come meet some amazing spooky and sexy ladies
you may already know!

In this collection from Honey Cummings, find three ghostly legends who just need a little love in their haunting lives. Join us as we find a match for the Lady in Blue, Woman in White, and even Bloody Mary herself. These audacious apparitions are willing to take a chance and seize the opportunity for sexy time when they find themselves corporeal to the opposite sex.

Whether you’re looking for a rebound with the hotel gardener, find yourself a contestant on a reality show where strangers are getting married, or even catch a glimpse of the other side of the mirror in a tale as old as time, there’s a little something sizzling for every reader. Prepare to laugh and fan yourself as the cold of the paranormal shifts into the flames of passion in this trinity.

Discover what haunting passion can truly bring to one’s love life.

Includes 3 novellas: Laying with the Lady in Blue, Wanton Woman in White, and Beating it with Bloody Mary.


More "Cumming" Soon!


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