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Writing as Honey Cummings

Humorous, Paranormal, Urban Erotica, Dark Fantasy Erotica, Steamy Romance, Erotic Romance

An award-winning author of paranormal romance, Honey turned her aim towards erotica. Blending everyday scenarios, she focuses on exploring new kinks and learning to communicate in and out of the sheets. Whether an urban retelling of fairytales or a paranormal tale such as ‘Sleeping with Sasquatch,’ readers can look forward to erotic stories filled with sexual fun and humor. Honey’s debut story ‘Beau and Professor Bestialora’ landed No. 3 in Urban Erotica and her collection continues to grow. She has been featured on podcasts ‘Drinking with Authors’ and ‘Textual Tension’ as well as spoken at events such as Spooky Empire, DragonCon, FetishCon, and many more.

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