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Urban Erotica Fairy Tales

Humorous, Modern Romances, Kinks, Fetish, Short Stories, Urban Erotica


Honey Cummings puts a spicy, urban spin on your
favorite fairytales!

Submit to a beastly Professor in pursuit for love or even follow Goldie's appetite for men with beards. Every character comes to life in this interconnected world where some are looking for love while others just want a wild erotic adventure for the night. Whether things unfold at Pinocchio’s office or heat up at Red's bar, there's a little something for everyone.

Join us in this 8-book collection and get c(u)mfy for an adult bedtime story you'll never forget. Fans will find the steam and laughter a delight whether it’s the idea of wearing that old high school drama troll mask to a masquerade orgy or the hidden toys our Princess Pea can't help but find all the way back to her bedroom (Why the blender? Or the bowl of cherries?).

Prepare to go on an erotic urban fantasy like no other!

Includes 8 short stories: Beau and Professor Bestialora, The Goat’s Gruff, Goldie and Her Three Beards, Princess Pea’s Bed, Pied Piper’s Pipe, Jack’s Beanstalk, Pinocchio and the Blow-up Doll, and Pulling Rapunzel’s Hair.

More "Cumming" Soon!


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