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Tell Me A Story Series – Intro

If you are familiar with my blog over on BlogSpot, then you already know what this is about.

For those new to this series, I welcome you to dive in here on WordPress where I will be slowly posting these once a week to follow my postings on Blogspot.

The Tell me a Story Series is a reflection of something I do in person. Friends and Family alike will tell you that I have a lot of them, these stories, and they can get bizarre, scary and outrageous. These are all true stories told in my perspective. I try my best to capture what I remember thinking and they are a mixed lot of old and new.

A good friend by the name of Rooster is the inspiration for the title of the series. He used to call me up between 1 and 3 AM saying, “Val, tell me a story…”

All I can say is my close friend Martin describes the cause of this list of stories being, “…because you’re so weird Val, you’ve become a weirdo magnet.”

BUT! I’ll let you be the judge of that! These should lead to some good laughs and make you feel better about your day and life!

Look forward to weekly posts on Thursdays in honor of “Throwback Thursday!”

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