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The Holiday Season is Here (Flash Fiction)

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

I came to a mind-numbing stop. Before me, aisles and aisles of reds, whites, blue, silver, gold, and the ever-present green. Christmas and holiday décor had taken over the part of the store where, just last week, I had grabbed my son’s Halloween costume off the rack. In fact, tomorrow was “trick-or-treat” day as my little ones called it.

“This is too soon.” I panned left to right and back again. “What happened to Turkey Day?”

Rubbing my forehead, I marveled over the shoppers cruising the festive lanes. One couple was arguing about white blinking lights versus solid colored jumbo bulbs.

“It’s not a carnival.” The man’s face reddened. “If you get those giant circus balloons, I’m not hanging them up.”

With a defeated slump of her shoulders, the woman put the box back on the shelf. “Fine, white it is.”

Someone else dove into the Christmas archives and I scoffed. “I want my autumn decorations. Oranges, brown, all that sweet, sweet fall time burst of color and images of turkeys.”

“I feel you.” An older woman had joined me in gawking at the blasphemous merchandise. “At least Publix still celebrates it.”

“Bah!” I snorted. “They only do that because they managed to win us over with that Pilgrim family of salt and pepper shakers.”

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