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VTMAS No.21: The Clown Car

Traffic. Ugh, we’ve all dreaded driving to that one part of town because there is no avoided that stop and go, bumper-to-bumper traffic jams.

On this particular day I was trying to get to my work to pick up something I had forgot. Unfortunately, it was in the heart of tourist-ville in Orlando, Florida and well, it was 5:00 PM ~ The PEAK of Traffic Hell.

By the third round of the full cycle from the light still twenty cars ahead of me, I started people watching those in cars around me. Glancing in my rear view window, I found myself making a double-look. I blinked several times, rubbed my eyes as I stared on in disbelief.

Lucky for me I had my sister in the truck with me… so paling I looked at her and asked, “What is behind us?”

“Huh?” She shifted in her seat every which way but could see nothing through her mirror. “I don’t see nothing?”

“No, seriously, unbuckle and look through the back window and tell me I am not hallucinating…” I was still gawking at my mirror, completely baffled.

“No way…” Now she stared on, wide-eyed as she slowly started to grin. “Only with you Val… only with you…”

“Ok, so it’s not just me…”

We started to laugh. Behind me was a red Mini-cooper with what looked like 8-10 clowns hanging out its windows and sunroof with balloons and all.

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