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VTMAS No.30: Baby Brain

If you have been pregnant, or know someone that was in their last trimester, you will know what it means to have Baby Brain. I can dive into the medical complications that cause one to be “spacey” and absent-minded, but trust me, its for real. It was during my first pregnancy that I got a really scary taste of how MUCH of my brain had decided to just stop functioning.

I was sitting there, relaxing on the couch when I heard the sliding glass door open. My husband was aiming to do some yardwork, but it opened back up and I heard him shouting for me. “Babe! Honey! What exactly did you do with that watermelon two weeks ago?”

I paled. My memory of that moment was me carrying the watermelon rhine to the door, opening the sliding glass door, and it goes blank. “I don’t know. The last thing I remember carrying it to the door but I don’t remember if it made it to the trash can. Oh my god, this baby brain is horrible…”

“Ok. That makes sense.” At this point, I was worried and was heading to the door. “Yea, pretty much where you memory ends is where you dropped it…”

As I approached, I did all I could to not laugh. He had one foot in a rotten watermelon rhine. Apparently I had sat it down, curved-side down, right where one might place their first or second step out the door. After that, he would ask me or follow behind me to make sure I completed tasks. Doh!

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