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VTMAS No.9: First Time On Asphalt

Anyone recall that first real moment when you pulled a car onto the road for first time?

I do.

If anyone has at the very least played an online or co-op game with me, you know that I have this awesome tendency to panic. In that random moment of sheer chaos, my brain just stops working. What once was a very intelligible Valerie becomes, well, a drooling mess void of any information.

My first car was a Pontiac Firebird, red with a T-top. I know, it seems awesome or so 1980’s but my dad found it for a sweet deal and fixed her up for me. It was all good until I went to pull onto the road for the first time.

Up until this point, all my car riding experience had been SUV’s & trucks- things that sit HIGH on the road.

Terror filled me when I pulled out and realized how LOW I was to the road, my mind went blank and I found myself shrieking, “WHICH SIDE OF THE ROAD! WHICH SIDE OF THE ROAD!”

I had forgotten which side I needed to be driving on… it was sad, but no worries! I had pulled out correctly! Just had a moment of panic… and like I said, I totally loose my marbles as many friends have witnessed.

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