December 1st, 2014 - Orlando, Florida:  Local author, Valerie Willis, announces the self-publication of ‘Rebirth’ the first novel in her Tattooed Angels Trilogy.  The young adult urban fantasy novel takes place in present day where it follows the hardships of a high school senior, Hotan.  Plagued with several life obstacles, Hotan finds himself in chaos when he discovers he is becoming immortal.  Weighed down by the task of mastering his new powers, he struggles to keep his normal life together. Walk with Hotan as he unravels the mystery behind the Immortals who call themselves Levites and why he is caught in the crossfire of mistakes made by his ancient doppelganger.


“I started writing this story in high school in the back of one of my class notebooks over ten years ago.  All I can remember was thinking how important it was for me to write this story so that I could proudly see it on the shelves of my high school and middle school libraries.” says the author, Valerie Willis.


The novel differs from most popular stories on the market with a lack of vampires, demons, and references to magic.  Readers will enjoy a safe but refreshing read full of mystery teamed with amazing plot twists.  The elemental immortals in this novel bring more than just the classic fire, water, and earth aspects seen in other tales.  Discover how scary it can be when someone can control the element of fear in the people around them.  This takes on the question of how much does the emotions we feel can influence how we interact with the world around us.


Find this book on Amazon.com for Kindle and in Paperback. ‘Rebirth’ will be offered exclusively on Amazon for the first 90 days of its release as well as be available for FREE download on select dates. Fans can find links to ‘Rebirth’ and other works by author Valerie Willis on her Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ValerieWillisAuthor)  and Twitter (@Valerie_Willis). Upcoming novel projects and current events can be found on her Author Site (http://willisartist.wix.com/author) and her Blog (http://valeriewillis.blogspot.com).

First Book of Tattooed Angels Trilogy Released

Valerie Willis announces launch of her new urban fantasy novel 'Rebirth'