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Book Design Services

With years of experience, over a thousand books I have touched or overseen personally, and the hours of continued education in my profession and industry, I want to help you on your own journey as an author, designer, and/or publisher. There are so many options out there, but which method is the best? It all comes down to what path aligns with the goals you want to set for yourself. Working with hundreds of authors, not everyone wants to compete commercially, some are trying to preserve family history and memories, while others simply want to make a dream into physical format solely for themselves. This is your journey and you get to decided what success and what those goals will be.

Regardless, let me help you get the best results alongside expert advice and guidance at every turn. That doesn't mean I will always have all the answers, but I can at least point you in the right direction and provide resources that align with your wants, needs, and abilities. From self-publishing to traditional publishing, 

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