Typesetting Services

With over 16+ years of experience creating books in a variety of genres and styles, Battle Goddess Productions provide book formatting services for all authors and publishers. From fiction to textbooks, we have brought many books to life with creative designs as well as compatible formats to the eBook and Print worlds of the Publishing Industry.

Pricing & Options

  • Base price: $200

    • Up to 150,000 words

    • No tables or images

    • Includes design work for chapter pages and other flourishes

    • File formats provided are PDF (2001xa format) and EPUB

      • PDF = Print-On-Demand ready

      • EPUB = Vendor Ready

    • Covers a SINGLE trim size

    • Does not include Proofreading or Editorial Services

    • Includes only 2 rounds of changes of 100 corrections or less.

    • Author Bio Image free

    • Table of Contents will be generated upon request based on chapter headings/titles


  • Additional Trim Size: $50

  • RUSH Service for within 7-day turnaround: $100

  • Files Provided (InDesign, Font Folder, etc): $50

  • Additional Correction round (100 Max): $25

  • New Manuscript Retype: $100

  • Tables and images placed in book (viewable in print and ebook): $5 each

  • Consultation: $75 for first hour; $25 for each additional hour

  • Over 150,000 words: Must be reviewed in advance

  • Workbooks and Table Heavy content: Must be reviewed in advance

  • Average turnaround time is 7-30 business days depending on the season and current demand.

  • Standard Copyright lingo provided if none provided

    • You may provide your own

    • We will need Publisher name, location (Orlando, FL), Logo (optional), and email or/and website.

  • Picture Books: Must be reviewed in advance

  • Our timer starts once we confirm the Manuscript provided can be used.


What We Need from You

  • DOCX or DOC of manuscript

    • Much be free of textboxes, Macros, clipart, images, abnormal hard returns, and similar editorial issues. If these problems are noticed, we will send a list of what will need to be resolved before we can move forward.

    • Anywhere images should be placed should be HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW and in <<IMAGE 1 – filename.jpg: Judy’s Blowfish>> format

    • All front matter should be included in the order expected

      • Foreword, Dedication, Preface, etc.

    • ISBNs and LCCNs need to be provided if you wish to include them

    • Back matter must be included into the manuscript:

      • Author Bio, Next book sample, book listing, ect.

    • Front Cover JPG in RBG format of 1600 x 2400 for Ebook

    • Metadata for eBook (Or forfeit this):

      • Book Title

      • Author Name

      • Blurb

      • Publisher Name

      • ISBN

      • Keywords (20 Max)

    • An estimate will be sent.

    • Once services are agreed upon we require 50% up front to begin the process.

The other half to be paid after approvals before finalized, non-watermarked PDF and EPUB can be provided.


Common Packages Sold

Fiction or Nonfiction Book of 150k or less with no images
  • $250

    • Base price: $200

    • Files: $50


Picture Book 38-40 pages
  • $500

    • Text placed on images and spreads provided

    • Mild Photoshop work required to make room within Print-On-Demand margins

    • eBook conversions (Image based layout only when feasible as assessed)

    • 32-34 images in total plus front and back matter


Textbook 250k words with charts, customization, and images
  • $1500+/-

    • ADA Compliant PDF

    • EPUB and Print Ready PDF (2001xa)

    • Custom pages and interior design where applicable


Need an Estimate?

No problem! Send me the details or the job at the email below and we'll give you an estimate after we review the materials and information:


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