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Battle Goddess Productions is a big fan of Fantasy in all shapes and forms. We enjoy hack-n-slash adventures, the inner workings of Dark Fantasy, to a bucket load of  paranormal, occult or mythology, to even the funny awkward reads.

Last year I was blown away with how often I was asked for advice on writing and formatting books, both print and digital formats. I have heard your cries and seen the scars of your battles in writing and publishing. In 2016, I am proud to say I will be starting Battle Goddess Productions. My aim is to help you be armed to win this war of words, layouts, formats, and guideline demands needed in order to produce a stellar end product. Whether you are aiming for an eye-catching paperback or an eBook that takes advantage of hyperlinks that connect your readers to your site or allow them to jump from chapter-to-chapter, I am here to provide that service!

BattleGoddessPro (at) Gmail (dot) com


Wild West Paranormal Romance Boxset


BGP and Palmas Publishing are inviting select authors to join us in this unique box set. Cowboys and cowgirls aren’t the only ones living the life we know as the Wild West. Four staple locations and a shared world setup will be encouraged and will provide a foundation for our authors. We want romance stories with all the awesomesauce of Wild West Romances and Paranormal Romance. Tell us about the mermaid running the saloon, about the vampire bounty hunter, the mayor wraith of the Ghost Town, and so much more! We welcome gunslingers, cattle workers, farmers, shop owners, medicine men, outlaws, gangs, robbers, and even the hat maker! Bring on the sweet and spicy Romance with all the thrill and action of the Wild West and the supernatural edge and magic of the Paranormal.

The Details
  • Your main character must be a paranormal creature, but no overlapping! Once someone has claimed a creature, it can't be someone else's main, so we encourage authors to declare their featured creature ASAP. This doesn’t mean you can’t have vampires in your book, just that once someone claims a main character as a vampire no one else can have a main as one.

  • A romance plot must be at the heart of this story. HEA or HFN – Happily Ever After OR Happy For Now

  • Sweet to Spicy – no erotica. We are trying to fit within a scope of Romance readers.

  • The love interest(s) are free to be whoever and whatever.

  • 30-50k novel length works. You may go over if need be. This is the ideal range since we are doing a box set.

  • We will hold first 90-day Publishing rights. This means the digital box set will be the only one available in the first 90 days, after which we encourage authors to release ebook and/or paperback versions of their individual stories.

  • You keep the rights to publish and distribute your individual story after the first 90-days.

  • We will provide an eBook cover and kindle formatted file as part of your compensation, at no cost to you. If you would like a paperback cover and interior format, we can do that! Cost will be at a discount, but this will be decided in 2021.

  • All authors will receive an ARC copy of the entire collection aka box set for their reading pleasure and to provide to book reviewers. Details and specifics will be decided in 2021.

  • We are only publishing the digital format, exclusive to Amazon Kindle and KindleUnlimited. No paperback edition will be made for this set (as of right now, but we will reconsider closer 2021, depending on available resources). We encourage all authors to feel free to sell and distribute stories individually in any format they wish to after the 90-day first publication rights have passed.

  • Series name is to be determined, but please add it on your individual release so we may create a series page for paperback and individual ebooks to bring YOU traffic and promote as a whole series with an option to buy the box set. We will provide verbiage.

  • Aiming for at least 10 or more novels for the collection.

  • Aiming for 24 so we can release 2 novels a month for a year of WWPNR goodness and help pull Author Ranks and Book Series to the top!

Important Dates
  • Optimal Release date Summer/Fall of 2022 – Sooner if all goes smoothly and faster than expected! Later if need be for quality sake!

  • 150-200 word Synopsis/Teaser/Blurb and Main Creature Featured due March 2020; Email to with subject line of [ BGP WWPNR: Your Story/creature by Your Name ]

  • Your story is due December 2021; Read throughs and revisions/edit requests will follow in 2021; To help the process, please edit and polish to the best of your abilities. Doing so can move up the release date!

Current List as of 8/21/2019
  1. Wendigo - The Silent Mariachi 

  2. Alien 

  3. Chikeetha

  4. Dragon Shifter 

  5. Djinn/Genie 

  6. Ghost - Hotel Owner 

  7. Harpy - Burlesque Dancer

  8. Mermaid who lost her Kelpie to a Gold Panner 

  9. Reaper - Gunslinger

  10. Rougarou (Werewolf)

  11. Seer/Clairvoyant 

  12. Shifter TBA

  13. Skinwalker (Harmful Navaho Witch)

  14. Succubus - Bank Robber

  15. Vampire - Saloon Girl or Burlesque

  16. Wandering Jew and the Elf-King's wayward son

Demonic Anthologies Volume IV


Voting Starts Oct. 1st
Ends Oct. 31st

Is There A Deadline? 

MAY 1st 2020 at Midnight EST


When Will This Be Published?

We are aiming to Publish this Anthology in September 2020

What Theme?

Voting will being October 2019 and decide on theme.

Rights, Usage, Compensation?

You retain rights to the work. I am simply approving it to be added with your permission to publish it in my collection for both eBook and Paperback. We are perfectly fine if its been published before, online some place, or even if you are submitting it to others. It's your Story and a piece you feel deserves to live in a tome on a reader's shelf. Unfortunately, I do not have the financial means to compensate you for your work, though I hope in the future I never have to say this again. In the meantime, all authors get to purchase books at cost and keep 100% of the profit made when selling the paperbacks in person. We also send all authors a contributors copy on us. 

We will be exclusively on in the first 90 days in order to take advantage of marketing opportunities. Paperbacks will be created and details of how Authors can get copies at-cost will be disclosed within the final group when word count and page count are finalized and pricing is known. We also promise some awesome chapter header designs for each author as a way to express our gratitude along with access to some stellar memes, banners, and marketing files for you to be able to push the book.


What am I wanting the money for? I wish to take Battle Goddess Productions to the next step by becoming a full blown Independent Publisher who can start taking on Authors like you and help you blossom. In order to do that, I have to build the funds in advance and my current day job cannot support that load in the way I want to represent fellow Authors. I am hoping that hosting an annual anthology showcasing my skills and talents, while supporting other authors will provide a way to build my reputation and ability to make this dream come true.

Submission Guidelines
  • Word Count: 1,200 to 3,500 (MAX Story Acceptance set for 25)

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt, Double Line-Spaced, no double spaces between sentences

  • File Types: DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PDF

  • Formatting:

    • 1" Margins all around

    • Justified body 

    • Headers on page 2 and beyond with "TITLE / LAST NAME / PAGE#" aligned on Right

    • First page Left Corner: YOUR NAME, EMAIL

    • First page Right Corner: "Word Count: #"

    • First Page Center: TITLE

And if that's too complicated I have included here an uploadable WORD DOC for your convenience: CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD FILE!

Where Do I Submit?

So you've read as far as here huh? Before you scroll further, make sure you've edited and polished your work the best you can! Be sure that you read the word count range and formatted your work to reflect my requests! Why? Because this will be my first means of declining submissions and I don't want to have to do that to anyone's work. I expect some grammar and quirky editing spoofs, but if I can't comfortably read through the story, then I have to also decline said work. SO, PLEASE! Take a moment and give it one last look before you submit! THANK YOU! Now that we've gotten the disclaimer out of the way, here's where and how to submit:

  • Subject Line:   "BGP QUERY: TITLE HERE by YOUR NAME"

  • Write me an email! Say hello, introduce yourself, and add a short one liner (or two) blurb of what your story is about!

  • Attach File: Once more, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, and PDF File Formats are all I will accept. Anything else will be declined. Forgot to attach your file? Resend it! No need to panic!

  • Email:    BattleGoddessPro(at)gmail(dot)com

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