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We all have the curse of a story that yearns to be written.

The Writer's Bane is a curse and passion, both a want and need to tell a story. In this volume, discover ways to use research to help creates and enrich your characters, world, and plot. Join me as I share my passion for research for creating my work and how it can aid you with your own. Whether you need help with character development, worldbuilding, and making that plot turn in the direction you need it to go, there's a little something in here for everyone.

This volume covers many topics of research including:

  • How to keep organized

  • Types of research

  • Resources to consider

  • Breaking down how to use it for:

  • Characters World Plot

  • Several activity sheets

  • Countless examples from the author's own work and existing work

  • What to do with leftover research to benefit your author journey
  • Writing Prompts from her "Fact Inspiring Fiction" workshop

  • Articles from author's own leftovers for real life examples


In case you were wondering, this planner is for you!
As writers, we know, developing an accountability routine to keep on schedule and meet your goals can feel like an uphill climb. That's why this planner was written for authors by authors. Call us your muses because inside these pages, we'll be guiding you every step of the way. We're here to help, encourage, and keep you on task as we scale that narrative mountain together.
Often as creatives we rely on friends, workshops, critique partners, and mentors to keep us moving. They ask, "How's the book coming?" and we think, "Shoot! I need to make time to write some more!"
Well, as far as productivity goes, consider this your solution to getting the work done.
Yes, it's a planner, but not just any planner.
The detailed pages of the Author's Accountability Planner were designed for fiction and nonfiction authors of all levels to outline an entire year of writing. They contain inspiration, scalable graphs, and valuable checkpoints. There are introspective questions about your personal method and places to stop and take a break when you need one. We've designed a tool to spark creative energy and manifest that compelling drive we often find amongst our fellow authors, but the best part is, you don't even have to leave your desk.


We all have the curse of a story that yearns to be created.

The Writer's Bane is a curse and passion, both a want and need to tell a story. In this volume, you will learn the importance for prepping a book (picture books, middle grade, and young adult fiction) for layout as well as laying it out in a way that appeals to your readers. Book design has advanced; with the aid of new software, print-on-demand, and eBooks, accessibility for authors of all levels has gotten easier. Discover your options and get ready to make a checklist! This volume covers many topics of research including: 

- Glossary & terms
- Anatomy of book interior
- Software & Program Options for Digital Typesetting 
- What CMS formatting means  
- Industry standards & reader expectations 
- Prepping text for format 
- Picking the right trim size 
- Formatting for print and/or eBook 
- Do’s and Don’ts for formatting 
- Step-by-step formatting guides 
- Layout recommendations 
- Storyboarding for Picture books
- File preparation for vendors 
- How genre and audience change formatting

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