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VTMAS No.28: The Happy Trail

Being in Central Florida has its benefits, including going to a theme park to celebrate my twenty-first birthday. Unlike most of my peers, I had no interest in drinking so it was a great plan to have an above average celebration without the alcohol. I had chosen to go to Universal’s Islands of Adventure with my two best friends, Martin and Karly, and boyfriend Justin (Now husband).

Hours had gone by at this point, Karly had headed home, and now we were waiting in line to get onto the Dueling Dragons (Now the Harry Potter Rollercoaster). We were close to being next on the ride when they had to temporarily stall the ride. Sighing, I turn to face my friend Martin who lifted up his shirt exclaiming, “Look at this shit, Val.”

Blushing, I gave him a bewildered look, “What are you doing, Martin?”

“Check out my happy trail.” He gave a sauve expression and I felt like dying as the crowded room started to stare our way.

“Happy trail?” Scoffed Justin, proceeding to lift the front of his shirt. “I have a happy field!”

I died as the two of them cackled on and on.

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