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2018 Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner in Fiction - Mythology. A Paranormal Romance meets Percy Jackson all grown up!

Dive into mythology with a Dark Fantasy flair found in the Sookie Stackhouse and Black Dagger Brotherhood series. For almost a century Lord Cedric has hunted the supernatural, hiding the fact he's one of Sorceress Morrighan's abominations. Fearful of others discovering his true nature, he weds the Lady of the Court, Angeline, after winning a tournament. The dormant magic in her veins overwhelms his senses, forcing him to realize she's more than what she appears.

He must ask himself: are his feelings a creation of his incubine bloodline or true romantic emotions? Torn between his tragic past and his suicidal quest to kill his creator, Cedric and Angeline must learn to trust each other or lose themselves to the oncoming war.

Enter a world with memorable antagonists like Succubus Queen Lillith, Romasanta the Father of Werewolves, Battle Goddess Badbh, and many more. Lose yourself to lores and history long forgotten from the 12th Century and beyond.

Cedric: The Demonic Knight (The Cedric Series 01)