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When death comes, life can at last begin again...


Which will prevail: Life or Death? Iapetos has come back into the lives of Talib and Hotan, but what will happen when his own memories come flooding back? Hotan must come to terms with his emotions regarding his father while also deciphering his newfound feelings for Abigail.


Meanwhile, Iapetos faces past regrets and must decide whether to let the past continue to haunt him or choose a life more fitting for who he wants to be. Talib can only wait for judgments to be made and decide if he even has the right to intervene in a century's worth of familial struggles.


Includes bonus materials from the author including artwork, a complete list of Immortals and their powers, playlists for all three books, and the back story of the trilogy.

Death (Tattooed Angels Trilogy 03)

  • No refunds on print copies. Ebooks are eligible.