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Come meet some amazing spooky and sexy ladies you may already know!


In this collection from Honey Cummings, find three ghostly legends who just need a little love in their haunting lives. Joins us as we find a match for the Lady in Blue, Woman in White, and even Bloody Mary herself. These audacious apparitions are willing to take a chance and seize the opportunity for a sexy time while they find themselves tangible to the opposite sex.


Whether you’re looking for a rebound with the hotel gardener, find yourself a contestant on a reality show where strangers are getting married, or even find yourself on the other side of the mirror in a tale as old as time. Prepare to laugh and fan yourself as the cold of the paranormal shifts into the flames of passion in this trinity.


Discover what haunting passion can truly bring to one’s love life.


Includes 3 novellas: Laying with the Lady in Blue, Wanton Woman in White, and Beating it with Bloody Mary.

The Erotic Ghosts Collection (Urban Legend Erotica 4-6)

  • No refunds on print copies. Ebooks are eligible.