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An immortal who can't remember his past has much to fear.


Struggling with a mountain of hardships, Hotan is just trying to make it to the end of his senior year and get his diploma, satisfying his mother’s dying wish. Friends know if he's not at home or at the club playing lead in his cover band, they can always find him thinking at the old broken-down church. In a world of gray, this is the only place he can breathe.


Basking in the moonlight, Hotan finds himself under attack by an immortal named Geliah, better known as the element of Fear. Could this be the entity from his dream? The one that has killed him over and over again? When Talib, the element of Judgment, interrupts the fight, Geliah is furious. His aim? To force Hotan to awaken his own abilities and immortality before taking revenge.


Normally, when pulled out of the reincarnation spell, an immortal remembers who and what they are, but this is not the Hotan from the past. Despite the powers manifesting, Hotan must figure out what happened to the original entity who once held these powers and eventually face Geliah. Is it because he’s a failed reincarnation, or did something far more tragic happen during his last death?


Walk beside Hotan as he struggles to keep his chaotic life in order while uncovering the secrets of his own element—Rebirth.


This is a young adult, dark urban fantasy tale of discovering who you are and what you wish to become in life that is unpredictable at best.

Rebirth (Tattooed Angels Trilogy 01)