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A prince with a legacy of blood, a simple priest, an unstoppable romance in a world on the brink of civil war.


Dante, the Prince of Bloodeaters is in love with a human priest. Ten years ago, he threw his life to the wind in an effort to bring about change while escaping a fate he no longer wanted to face. One wintry night meeting John gave him a new purpose and drive as he joins him to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Lessons and promises made will lead Dante’s internal struggles to places he didn’t know he still had to face even now.


Viceroy Falco, Dante’s ex-lover and overseer of Glensdale and capital city to The House, wants an army of bloodeaters at his command. Conspiracies are whispered about his involvement in the prince’s disappearance and the ailing king on the throne. Dante aims to stand in his way at every turn, but jealous and lust drive Falco to wanting more than just the magical dagger called The Fanged Lady. Though, there’s a cost as the Viceroy’s past abuse spurs Dante to action when his aim turns to Father John.


When Father John takes over the Glensdale church, he becomes a target for Falco’s sadistic games. John is stubborn and bullheaded, unwilling to bend or retreat. Angry with Dante’s decision to be his sword and shield with bruises and a bloodied lip to match. Aiming to find a solution for himself, Father John throw caution to the wind even if the cross branded on his back may lead to his death.


Dante is willing to sacrifice everything to keep Father John safe, and will he have to accept his position as Prince when the King falls ill?


This book is a great jump on a refreshing male male romance with fantasy elements. Swords, knights, vampires, plague, moody steeds, and more add to the center romance of two broody men madly in love with one another. Readers who enjoyed the chemistry and romance of The Captive Prince Trilogy by CS Pacat as well as the broody, vampire vibes from JR Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood will enjoy reading this sizzling spin on vampire romances.


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The Prince's Priest: Dante's Ascension (Traibon Family Saga 01)