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Preorders will ship out October and November. Release date is Nov. 8, 2024.


Ashton’s world is crumbling and he refuses to let anyone come between him and his self-hatred, even his latest fling Lord Raphael Traibon.


Ashton Le Denys Thompson is in line to be the next clan chief, but after Grandemere was attacked by invaders, what does that matter anymore? A young noble from the Old Continent comes waltzing in and changes everything. Fueled by desire and intrigue, Ashton finds himself infatuated with the man that just might be the key to saving what’s left of his family and even Grandemere. That’s if the Fates don’t have other plans for one of their most devoted followers.


Lord Raphael Kristr de’Traibon left the Old Continent years ago in an attempt to save his family and allies, but it failed. Fallen Arbor and the noble houses from his father’s fallen empire are here destroying Grandemere and everything he’s come to love. When Ashton comes into the fold, he finds himself aggravated and in love with the most maddening of creatures in the world. Despite the need to use his standing to help push back the battle royale law the corrupted council wants to pass, it all goes belly up when they have to fight back.


Together, Ashton and Raphael will have to battle between their own emotions of self-hatred and obsessive desires in order to protect what they both have left and recently gained in one another. When the Blood Duels begin, will they be able to withstand the pressure placed upon them and persevere?


This story contains violence, gore, sexual content, toxic behavior, verbal abuse, blood, and other themes performed by fictional characters within a fictional world.

Champion's Lord: A Traibon Family Saga Prequel (The Fall of Ashton Series 1)