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#WritingTip – Editing & Revisions

Editing should be kept separate from writing. Bottom-line (granted more experienced writers can juggle both, but we are talking about several novels under your belt by this point). It’s easier said than done, I know I have a hard time sticking to this principle, but I can confidently say mixing the two can slow down getting all of your story out, not just by months, but YEARS. You’ve got all the story out in a first draft? Excellent, let me share with you my process and some

VTMAS No.20: Call Me Simba

Blind dates. Oh man, I have been on more than I want to ever really reveal…. but I will share this one odd phone call. My best pal Karly was trying to hook me up with someone, and it seemed anyone was viable enough to get my cellphone number. “Hi, my name is Steve! Your friend Karly gave em your number!” There was nothing but silence on my end as I absorbed this information. “I work with her?” “Oh… hi… Steve…” My mind was going through a list of let-down and refusals, preppin

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