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Book Review: Unveiled by Lynda Haviland

5 Stars

Eva is a bull-headed and haughty “magical item acquisition specialist”, but most just call her for what she really is, a thief. She takes pride in her ability to hunt down any item, so when Tamura decides not to give her the case she had worked hard to discover, she goes on the hunt anyway.

Chasing down the “Veils of Salome” prove to be an Indiana Jones adventure unfolding not only in Florida, but carries over into the Hotel Paranormal, the series this is part of. Comic relief comes in the form of a special ghost, Nellie Pearle, who Eva hunts down for answers as to where she hid the veils. Being the matchmaker in life and death, Nellie only provides a means of setting in motion a planned hook up that’s been waiting for the “right girl” to pair with the wraith of another world sitting in Nellie’s bar!

Azarion’s connection and backstory with the veils is a wonderful tale that makes you cheer him on and hope he finds a way out of his curse. It doesn’t take him long to discover his favorite bar owner, Nellie Pearle, has used him for one of her “Nellie’s Girls” or the gals she finds soulmates for. Back when he was alive, Azarion was a Priest of the Fire Temple, but no longer with a body, the Hotel has been his only reprieve to having a semi-normal life, that is, until the veils finds their next victim.

Overall, I really had fun reading this. The dialogue was rich with a sense of attitude and prideful whims. When the characters finally long for one another, breaking down their walls, a wonderfully hot moment unfolds. If you like a Happily Ever After, Lynda delivers this with hints of what their life may turn into later. Loved that! So Cute!

There is plenty of action met with moments of discovery in between. Both main characters have had some sort of rough life, but they complement one another and find solace in each other when they finally relax. I also really enjoyed how the Hotel was illustrated in the narrative and the ironic bits as if the Hotel had its own sense of humor at times.

I have to be honest, I would LOVE to see another story with Nellie and her new Boa in a future novel from Lynda. Lynda’s writing is smooth and you devour the pages with ease – Highly Recommend this for a fun paranormal adventure with a bit of magic, satisfying romance, a dash of adventure and snarky dialogue ❤ !

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