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SFFN: Celtic Apollo Versus Greek Apollo

Sci-Fi Fantasy Network asked me if I wanted to post another article after the previous had done so well. Of course, being the “Accidental Guru” I could not resist. Looking over all the excess piles of research in both notebooks and sketchbooks, I had to say yes. This time, the research stemmed from my searches for authentic Apollo lores, legends, and mythology. What I cam across was confusing. What I knew about Apollo blasted into tiny bits and remade as I stripped off the newer layers, dug under to find the core where he began. Find the article at the Link below:


That’s right, there are several versions of the God Apollo, but most come down to either Celtic or Greek versions. Granted, Celtic and Greek Mythology developed in similar manners. Starting in the Bronze Age as spoken legends and history shared for centuries. The question here, is why only Celtic and Greek? Who is the real Apollo?

What We Need To Keep In Mind…

Information is added and deleted from resource-to-resource and not knowing when that version was written or even first spoken, it becomes a melting pot of variants. They contort in strange directions as they collide with other cultures and religions. In those early centuries, the Celts and Greeks had no interest in one another, let alone if they had knowledge of one another’s existence. Eventually, a chain of events would drive the Celts to seek land to conquer towards the Mediterranean where they began to clash with one another. Due to this, most of the accounts involving Celtic mythology and early history is written by their enemies, the Romans.

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