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SFFN: The Oracle: Real or Myth?

I am thrilled to reveal my first publication over on the Sci-Fi Fantasy Network. While pulling together the finer details for my upcoming release, The Oracle, I discovered some really amazing information about Oracles or Sibyls. Head over to SFFN and give it a read, tell me what you think!


Oracles have been some of the most mesmerizing characters in a wide range of Fantasy and Science Fiction works, including roleplaying games (like Dungeons & Dragons), books (like The Last Oracle by James Rollins), and even in the movies (like 300, in which the oracle warned of the fall of Sparta). At the core of it all, many will say the traditions of the oracle were part of Greek and Roman mythology. Visitors to Delphi, in Greece, are honored to visit the physical location where, long ago, The Oracle of Delphi sat upon the Sibyl Stone to give her predictions.

Was she real or myth?

Upon writing my novel, The Oracle (book three of The Cedric Series), I stumbled upon some amazing discoveries…


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