Can Fiction Still Teach Us Something Memorable?

Authors often draw inspiration from history and mythology, but how much of this stays with their readers? Are we able to learn about our world through fiction? Orlando, FL:  When a book, game or movie is labeled Historical Fiction we assume there is some underlying truth to the setting, characters, or plot. We are experiencing something that has some factual foundation, riding on a fictional, embellished plotline and left with a more up-close experience. This includes the pas

PowerPoint from Writing a Novel 101

Once more, I want to thank everyone who came out to attend one, if not all my classes on “Writing a Novel 101” at the Orange County Library in Downtown Orlando. I hope I was able to provide tools, knowledge, and inspiration at some point into each of you. Again, do not hesitate to reach out to me, follow my online sites, and know I stay rather active in the literary community. Below is a link to the PDF and PowerPoint Show files from my presentation for your convenience. Belo

SFFN: The Oracle: Real or Myth?

I am thrilled to reveal my first publication over on the Sci-Fi Fantasy Network. While pulling together the finer details for my upcoming release, The Oracle, I discovered some really amazing information about Oracles or Sibyls. Head over to SFFN and give it a read, tell me what you think! EXCERPT Oracles have been some of the most mesmerizing characters in a wide range of Fantasy and Science Fiction works, including rolepl

New Year Review – 2017

Another year has come and past. Though on a global and national level, 2016 was a nightmare filled with some scary events and we can only hope our fears and worries will not be as heavy as we expected in the 2017 time span. Regardless, let’s take a look at my goals for 2016 and see how bad or good I did along with 2017 goals related to these topics: BRASS COLLAR GAMES – Well, my work keeps getting stalled under a wave of financial needs and person

Author News

Hello Readers, Followers, Fans and the Curious! I haven’t done an update in a while, so here’s a run down on where I am with my pile of writing assignments. A lot of questions and eyes coming through my internet doors as of late and it seems I owe you some news on novels and what else might be going on and may be of interest for you all. Take in a deep breath, because this list is  much bigger than even I realized and I will let you know where these sit on my priorities list

New Year – New Goals 2016

As with every year, I am doing my usual sit down and recap last year and look into what I want to achieve this year scenarios. Cracking my knuckles, I am digging into last year’s post and doing some comparisons and recapping. 2015 was a rough year when it came to personal life debacles. We are talking about EIGHT family deaths between my husband and I starting roughly in May all the way to November. Among those were a Great Uncle that I looked up to and my husband’s grandfath

Tell Me A Story Series – Intro

If you are familiar with my blog over on BlogSpot, then you already know what this is about. For those new to this series, I welcome you to dive in here on WordPress where I will be slowly posting these once a week to follow my postings on Blogspot. The Tell me a Story Series is a reflection of something I do in person. Friends and Family alike will tell you that I have a lot of them, these stories, and they can get bizarre, scary and outrageous. These are all true stories to