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The Cedric Series New "Discreet" Covers!

With trends and laws pushing the Publishing Industry to make some hard calls, I am happy to announce The Cedric Series is getting a facelift. I will miss the broody-angsty boys, though I still have a few copies still in stock, just reach out to me directly or I'll see if I can't figure out setting up a shop. Without further adieu, I give you the new lineup!

It's shifted back into that Dark Fantasy Romance vibe and no longer smexy torso Paranormal Romance vibe. Here's to many more books as I gear up to write book 6 in the series and so many more to follow.

Here's a little slide show so you can see each book and their redos. Not going to lie, I think Romasanta and Artemis might be my personal favorites this time. (Former fav was the abs on King Incubus, lol!)

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