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Top 5 Things to do with Damaged Book Copies #AuthorAdvice

Slightly damaged books happens sometimes. I love CreateSpace because the few times this has happened, they’ve overnight a replacement! Another thing is, when we setup and breakdown for events, or leave our stock in the trunk of our cars, or kids… kids… books get dented, corners and spines frayed, but they’re still good!

What now?

1) A giveaway! Author Harper Sloan is a great example of taking advantage and turning this into a promotional tool. Everyone loves contest and freebies, so use those dents and dings as way to bring attention and excitement.

2) Donate your book! Give your book to a library, donate to a school, or leave it on the community shelf at a coffee shop. Don’t forget to slide in some signed bookmarks. I love to leave a copy of my book in these places and often sign the book, date it, and write the location. Never know when it will come back in your life again!

3) Discount special! This works great if it happened while setting up your table or on the ride there. DISCOUNT. Sell these limited few damaged copies for a steal, driving people to grab them up and most likely another book along with it.

4) Special Gift or Limited Time Offer – Don’t be afraid to even pull a “First 5 buyers get a copy of SAIDBOOK, dents are free” or even “Buy 2 book and get a copy of SAIDBOOK, only 5 in stock!” Always try to use these to your advantage, make them a marketing tool to bring in readers.

5) ARC or Review copies – I don’t know if it’s me, but most of the giveaway books arrive dented despite how I package them. With that in mind, use these expendable copies to send to book reviewers who prefer paperbacks. Don’t forget to sign the book and say thank you for their time to review inside!

If all else fails, book art is trendy and makes a great eye-catching centerpiece for your convention table!

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