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#WritingTip – Three Ways to Take Your Website Visitors Behind the Scenes

These are 3 strong points as to how to “connect” with your audience more intimately through your craft (Writing, art and beyond) without exposing your personal life. Take a look, food for thought!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fiction writer, a landscape photographer, or an avid crafter selling your 3D-printed fidget spinners online. To show your readers how you created something — whether it’s a physical object or something more amorphous — is to bring them closer to your world. Next time you’re struggling to come up with a new post idea for your site, just invite your visitors behind the scenes. Here are three ways you can go about it.

Show yourself

We love to present our work in its final, perfect form (or at least its “I’m tired and this is good enough” form), as if it fell from some alien spaceship, all shiny and flawless. Focusing on the gloss, however, erases one of the most interesting — and crucial — elements of the end product: you. Whether you work in a visual or textual medium, there’s always room to…

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