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#AFO2017 Triforce of Fanfiction Panel

First off, myself (Valerie Willis), Racquel Henry, and Laura (L.E.) Perez want to say thank you for the warm welcome and great turnout for our first panel at an Anime Convention here at #AFO2017! We hope we were able to aid fellow writers and fans to jump into their stories and grow to new heights.


It was a little hectic and little Link wasn’t so cooperative, but thank you for laughing and participating with us. Please don’t hesitate to seek us out online and here on my Blog I have a whole section filled with Writing Tips for all flavors of writing.

Per promise, emails have been sent with a link that leads to a copy of our PowerPoint we made and unfortunately didn’t have a projector to share with you.  We covered a lot of information in a short amount time, so hopefully we didn’t overwhelm anyone and gave you all building blocks to strengthen or at least fuel writing efforts forward! The DropBox link below contains access to a PowerPoint file as well as a PDF so you should be able to view one or both versions.

If you have questions about anything written on this powerpoint, please email me at:


Hope to see you around, hear from you, or see you at our next event. Below are some links as to where to find out more about us, keep track of what we are doing, or even become a Patreon of Writer’s Atelier to gain access to the wonderful materials coming later this year including online access to in-depth workshops such as my own on Foreshadowing!


Writer’s Atelier & Racquel Henry


Palmas Publishing & Laura (L.E.) Perez


Battle Goddess Productions & Valerie Willis


Thank You For the Great Time!

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