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VTMAS No. 82: A Surprise for the Barber

Again, Link always seems to catch me by surprise. He insisted he needed a haircut. Mind you, this kid LOVES going. To watch my little guy talk like he's some business tycoon to his barber who chuckles as he says off the ears and keep it a little longer on the top.

Well, his hair was LONG, the bangs drifting to his nose practically. He's patiently sitting there waiting his turn when he turns to me. Now, if you've been following along, Link is infamous for being beyond awkward or witty in conversation and there's no telling which end of the spectrum you're going to get. So, here is what happened while waiting on the barber:

Link: I have a surprise for the barber.

Me: Excuse me?

I start scrambling for my phone to snap pictures because for once I am hellbent on getting evidence.

Me: What surprise? Where-what are you going to surprise them with?

He begins to pull on his forehead, pulling all his bangs off his face and I am waiting, no idea what to expect at this point. He at last turns to me, hair held back and there hidden under his bangs is a green marker smiley face on his actual forehead before reply:

Link: This surprise mom.

Yea, this one is definitely my kid.

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