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VTMAS No. 83: Mickey Says Good Night

There are times where in the dead of night you aren't prepared to experience or hear certain voices. Mickey Mouse is definitely one of those. Of course, I should clarify this is yet another insane moment involving Link that I managed to catch list as it was unfolding. Back story - he had been strangely excited, frightened, and intrigued at Disney World Magic Kingdom when a worker there had busted out with a very impressive Mickey Mouse voice. Which later sparked and encouraged Link to try his hand at mastering said voice.

I am a nightowl and often write, work, and play into the wee morning hours. The house is dark, quiet. Especially in the new house away from business districts and shopping plazas. I was in the zone, cranking out the word count when a voice brought my heart to a stop, goosebumps across my skin, and it scared the hell out of me.

Pausing, I strained to hear it, unsure at first who or what that was.

It's 1:30 am.

I hear it again, and I realize it's my kid. It's Link. So I get the camera rolling.

Then I realize this is him doing his best Mickey Mouse voice. I sneaki closer, spying through the cracked door to the conversation until I swing the door open fast. They way they "both" turn to look at me was something else.

"It's bedtime buddy!"

The nail in the coffin was when I said good night and they each answered. DIED.

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