VTMAS No.64: Mysterious Squealing

Every now and again, I am reminded I am a human being that does not always process what I am hearing or seeing. This actually happened on my drive to a friend’s house for some Geeky Board gaming with good company. Literally, two days ago! Please understand, I drive a Golden Mirage and the poor thing is well over 100,000 miles, but hanging in there. As I embarked onto Interstate 4, I realize I hear squeaks, short and abrupt. First thought was, crap something’s wrong with the c

VTMAS No.11: Sailor Jupiter Took My Keys

KEYS. Let’s talk about those things we need for our front doors and to drive our cars: keys! I am well-known for misplacing my keys in weird places, and thus if you have ever seen my keys you know why they look so obnoxious. I have a huge orange cattle tag, a Gearbox lanyard, and all sorts of flashy items on them in hopes they are easier to find. Despite my anti-lost-keys system, it has backfired on me once. In high school, as I have mentioned in other stories, I was very act