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VTMAS No.11: Sailor Jupiter Took My Keys


Let’s talk about those things we need for our front doors and to drive our cars: keys!

I am well-known for misplacing my keys in weird places, and thus if you have ever seen my keys you know why they look so obnoxious. I have a huge orange cattle tag, a Gearbox lanyard, and all sorts of flashy items on them in hopes they are easier to find.

Despite my anti-lost-keys system, it has backfired on me once. In high school, as I have mentioned in other stories, I was very active in the FFA (Future Farmers of America). I had just parked my truck and was walking across the field to get to the barnyard area of the fair when I realize I was missing my keys.

With a sigh, I spun myself around, re-crossed the street and started looking frantically all over the parking lot/field that I had just walked. At this point in time my keys had a large yellow cattle tag, a smaller yellow swine tag, Sailor Jupiter, and some weird noise flashy thing. To be honest, it was annoying but effective when it slipped under a cushion.

I had made it back to the truck, still no signs of my keys. The truck was locked, no keys in there for sure.


I started the long, sad walk back through the parking lot when suddenly I heard it. That annoying tune… but where? I was on all fours checking under cars, listening and moving closer. After several minutes I had pinpointed where it was the loudest. No, it wasn’t on the ground here. It sounded like it was coming from above me. Looking up, I saw it… there hanging above me was… SAILOR JUPITER!

Hanging out of the bottom of an Osprey Nest was my Sailor Jupiter key chain. The osprey leaned over to look down at me, only managing to set the annoying noisy key chain off once more. My keys had been stolen by a bird….

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