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VTMAS No.64: Mysterious Squealing

Every now and again, I am reminded I am a human being that does not always process what I am hearing or seeing. This actually happened on my drive to a friend’s house for some Geeky Board gaming with good company. Literally, two days ago!

Please understand, I drive a Golden Mirage and the poor thing is well over 100,000 miles, but hanging in there. As I embarked onto Interstate 4, I realize I hear squeaks, short and abrupt. First thought was, crap something’s wrong with the car!

As I kept going, I was really concentrating on the squeaking. After a few minutes, it was more like shrieking, random spurts of terrified squeaks. My eyes were probably bulging out of my head as I did my best to focus on driving at 65 mph safely.

Oh my God, it’s coming from inside the cab.

At this point, I became aware the noise was not from the engine! Without a doubt, as it grew ever louder and more desperate of a sound, it was in the car with me. My eyes glanced here and there, taking turns searching and watching the road.

Is it a rat? No, it’s higher in pitch… a bat? How the heck did a bat get into my car? Oh man… this would not be a good time for it to smack me in the face or crawl across my leg… I’m gonna die on I-4…

Swallowing, I hardened my nerves. I had this, I could stay calm if the screeching creature suddenly revealed itself. Flashes of the Rat Attack reminded me they are just as startled as I am.

It’s ok, Val, you got this.

The sound made a different tone. I twisted my face, now I was hearing more of a whistle as I slowed the car to go down the ramp. Groaning to myself, my face turning red with embarrassment, I reached down and rolled the passenger side window the rest of the way up. At some point, it had been cracked ever so slightly. This miniscule, not visible to my eye open window had created the noise the moment I started peaking 50 mph on the interstate.

My imagination is going to kill me one of these days…

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