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Book Review: Fight Like A Girl by Kristell Ink Publishing

5 out of 5

Fight Like A Girl

by Various Authors with Kristell Ink Publishing





This book is a great collection with many surprises in the short stories inside it’s cover. It will not take you long to see how one story shares an element with the first, and then another element with the one that follows that. Many times I finished a short story and find myself leaning back, catching my breath and in awe of the twists, both heartfelt and gruesome. There is action and tests, internal and external conflicts. Each writer having a unique voice for their fantasy and science fiction tellings. From the mother in brawl fights to pay for an escape from the scum to women who outwit their opponents. Many different ways to fight are presented here, not all of them win either. Blood is spilled, tears fall, and I promise any reader looking for a speculative suspense and action packed collection will find this a joy!

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