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Dear Flu…

Dear Flu,

Thank you for reminding me as to how quickly and efficiently you can spread and take a grown person down along with an entire household from one tiny toddler. I now fully understand how you were able to wipe out most of Boston during WW1 and took out nearly 43,000 servicemen.

In fact, the 1918 scourge killed ten times more Americans (approx 675,000) than who died in the war. Some say you killed more than the Black Death, and after our personal meeting, I would have to agree. In fact, did you not wipe out entire villages in Alaska even? And worse, you targeted those between the ages of 20 to 40, knocking the human race to its knees with wiping out half of those strapping young adults.

I have been humbled by this nightmarish plague of coughing, infection, diarrhea, vomiting, eye gunk, fever and many more unpleasantries. This lesson of viral-disasters-come-back-to-life under my roof will forever shift my habits to getting the shot in JULY/AUG and not after school season starts.

Let this be a warning to the populace that you, Mr. Influenza, are out there looking for other lives to destroy for weeks on end.

Your latest victim,

Valerie Willis

PS – No we can’t be Facebook Friends

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