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VTMAS No.56: Trivia Meddling

As a married couple on the verge of ten years, we have grown the understanding that sometimes you have to venture out alone. We’ve run out of stories and things to talk about, so we go out, without the other, so we can return with new stories and talk about things we encountered. On this particular night, Mr. Willis wanted to get in a round of Dart Practice before his official game the next day.

One thing I have become aware of about my husband, is when he’s either in the bathroom for long periods or finds himself bored to death, he spams his facebook page with Memes. My own facebook page began to filter in these shares and postings, yet he was still out at the bar. Naturally, worried he may be sitting at the bar all alone, I called him.

“You’re all alone at the bar, aren’t you?” There was no time for a hello, I went straight to the point of why I was calling.

With a heavy sigh he replied, “Y-yea, how’d you know? Lou left and well, there’s no one here who wants to play me in darts…”

“You were spamming memes. You only do that when you’re bored.” Suddenly there was a loud man screaming across the phone, drowning him out. “Who do I hear in the background?”

He begins to chuckle, “Trivia.”

“Trivia?” I was baffled, he wasn’t one to stay behind and play Trivia.

“I’ve been bouncing from team to team and giving only one of them the right answer.” He was trying hard not to laugh as he whispered an answer to someone before whispered into the phone. “I only give one team a right answer and the rest wrong ones.”

“WHY?!” I flustered over the phone. “Why would you ruin their game like that!”

“I’m being fair…” He hissed back at me. “I am making them tie, at worse!”

Groaning I mumbled, “Well, it’s their fault if they listen to the random drunk dude floating from team to team…” Picture from taken by 15299:

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