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VTMAS No.57: Chicken Soup Shifter

Every once in awhile, we all find ourselves in the company of a family member, friend, or even a memorable individual that leaves a lifelong impression on us. I’m not talking about the sort who turn your life around or sagely advice, but the kind who had a quirk or thing they said which was more silly in nature.

This thing often leaves you baffled the first time, and later, laughing and giggling… contagious to the point you find yourself doing it later in life. The first occurrence of the “Chicken Soup Shifter” was riding shotgun in a bright yellow Geo Tracker. At the time I was a Senior or even Junior in High School.

Driving was my mother’s boyfriend at the time, a large Harley Davidson Biker dude. We were at a red light and a van pulled up the the adjacent lane. I sleepily looked over since the window was down and the music was drowning out our own. Staring at this relatively Asian appearing lady, I was trying to make out what song it was.

“Damn!” John’s bellow made both me and the woman flinch. “She’s got more chins than a Chinese Phone Book!”

“John!” I covered my face and heard the sound of her window closing. “I can’t believe you said that!”

“Uh oh…” He was bouncing his seat so much the Tracker felt as if it could flip. “She wants to race us…”

Braving to glance over, I then fussed, “I just think she wants to get away from you.”

“Greenlight!” He floored the gas pedal and the Tracker uneventfully began to accelerate. John began to shift the tiny manual vehicle as he sung in unison with the motor. “Chickeeeeeeeeen, Nooooodllllllllllllllllllle, So-Soooouuuuuuuuuuuuup, So-soooooooouuuuuppp!”

I died. And even today, I find myself shifting to the tune of Chicken Noodle So-soup and making my kids fuss and my husband giggle. He too got to witness the shifting magic!

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