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VTMAS No.71: Link Wants M&M’s

There are time that our children get the better of us. Those moments where they say or do something so clever, it’s mind blowing to you. Often I find myself in that moment with a mixture of pride, confusion, and on occasion, embarrassment. Regardless, they make for some amazing shared moment among friends and family.

On this one, Link, my three-year-old, managed to showcase this talent while Mommy and Daddy were no where in site. If you have been reading through these, you may already know Link has slight hearing issues and is in Speech Therapy. One of the major motivators to get him to try harder for them has been food, and especially candy.

The teacher had stopped me a moment when I showed to pick him up.

“You won’t believe what he did to the Speech Therapist today…” She was giggling.

My face reddened, Speech Therapy was still within the first month. “Oh no… what did he do?”

“Well…” She crossed her arms and eyes him. “I was bringing him back inside when she came, and in her hand was a big bag of M&M’s.”

Link’s head snapped up to her face and then he checked our hands. “Oh man, he loves candy.”

“She crouched down and she goes, Now Link, you have to say ‘I want a blue one’, ‘I want a green one’, or ‘I want a orange one’ today if you want candy. He puffed out his bottom lip, stomped a foot, and furrowed his brow. Gave her the dirtiest look I have ever seen him make, looking her in the eye, he said as clearly as I could say it, I. Want. M&M’s.” The teacher started laughing, shaking her head at the blue-eyed toddler holding my hand.

Needless to say, when the substitute Speech Therapist came a few weeks ago, she too discovered he only works for food and rather give a dirty look otherwise!

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