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VTMAS No.76: Adam’s Hair

I talk a lot about my days in FFA (Future Farmers of America). It was a great time in my childhood and I made some amazing, long-term friends. Even now, in our ever growing lives, we are spread all over and we still reminisce about those times at the fair or in the yard working cattle.

This comes right back to a particular fair that produced a lot of stories for us all. It was a strange Wonderland and so much smaller, stranger than the other fairs we had experienced. Alachua County fair this particular year left us with stories like VTMAS No.3: The Woods Have Eyes and VTMAS No.14: Carnie Confusion.

The complicated part was our first night at the hotel we all became painfully aware of one bizarre fact: the shower heads were rather low. In fact, I was 5 foot 5 inches tall and the connector came out of the wall at chin level and angled down to slam me across my collarbone. It was baffling as to why anyone would think this was sufficient for hair washing. I paled. It hit me that we had not one, but two very tall people in our group.

Jennifer was 6 foot tall and Adam was taller at 6 foot 8 inch, I laughed. Both would have to literally sit down to wash their hair. In fact, I don’t think that method would even be capable of contorting under these spouts. Apparently the residents of Alachua must be 4 foot nothing.

The next morning I couldn’t help but tease my friends. “So, Jennifer, how was it to sit and wash your hair last night?”

“Oh my God…” Her face said it all. “Talk about awkward.”

“If it makes you feel better, I had to practically sit to wash my hair too.” We laughed some and I caught sit of Adam’s famous red hair. “SO! Adam! How clean is your belly button?”

We all went rolling as he gave me a disapproving expression.

“Definitely squeaky clean and power washed for the first time ever.” Adam replied.

The week was drawing to an end, Adam’s hair getting ever darker with oil. In horror, Jessica and I watched as Jamie walked over and put her fingers in it.

“Uh, Jamie, I wouldn’t do that…” I furrowed my brow.

“Why not…” She pulled her fingers away and the hair stayed where she had molded it.

“We don’t know when he might had last washed it… if ever.” Remarked Mr. Mealo.

The rest of us shuddered and let out a group reply of “Eeeeewwwww…”

Finally, Jessica came up with a suggestion, “Why don’t you go wash it.”

“OH!” Jamie was shoving Adam up and away, toward the washing rack where we bathed our cows. “Come on, Adam. I’ll wash your hair!”

And that is the day Adam discovered Mane & Tail works great for both he and the cattle.

At the time I drew a lot, so below is the old comic I drew to capture the memory.

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