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Valerie Willis

Author of Fantasy, Mythology, and Paranormal with a dash of Romance!


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Welcome to worlds that have dark fantasy, haunting romances, mythology, history, and most of all, broody immortal beings!

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Cedric: The Demonic Knight

Valerie Willis

“Watch your words, witch.” His grin was wide and Angeline caught a glimpse of his fangs as they crept from under his lips. As his animalistic stare caught her in it, sweat dripped down his temple. “Cursing a demon can be costly I hear. I have heard there’s a hellish recoil for attempting to curse other magical beings. You might regret saying that later, pet.”

“What do you know about magic?” Hissing at him as she pushed her items into her pack again, she watched as his smile dropped. “You’re an animal that crawls about this earth devouring other creatures and lack any grace needed for magic.”

“Shut your mouth.” The tone of his voice was dark. She’d struck a nerve and his jaw muscles flexed. “You know nothing about magic or what it is capable of doing to a person, regardless if they are demon or human. Do not speak to me about magic..."


About the Author

A Summary of Fantastical Adventures

Valerie Willis is the Chief Operating Officer for 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc., an expert digital typesetter, and a Fantasy Paranormal Romance author based out of Central Florida.  When writing, she loves crafting novels with elements inspired by mythology, superstitions, legends, folklore, fairy tales, and history. As Chief Operating Officer, she oversees the design of all books including covers, typesets, and author branding where she pulls in creative print design while making versatile eBooks.

You can find her hosting workshops or attending as a guest speaker at many events (MegaCon, DragonCon, OCLS Writers Conference, Florida Writers Conference, Author Learning Center, SavvyAuthors, Women in Publishing Summit, etc.). She has been on panels with best-selling authors from Peter David to Delilah Dawson sharing her expertise in novel writing, research for fiction, worldbuilding, character development, book design, reader immersion and more. You can also find her co-hosting on occasion on the Drinking with Authors Podcast speaking with Jonathan Maberry, Heather Graham, Megan Mackie, and many more on their own journeys of becoming an author!

Her Award-Winning Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance, The Cedric Series, is a wonderful blend of genres that appeal to a wide range of readers described as “dramatic, lustful, and fantasy fulfilling.” The motto here is: “No immortal is beyond the ailments of man” and that includes powerful creatures, demons, witches, and Gods themselves! Many of the monsters presented in the content is derived from Medieval Bestiaries and adds a fun flavor of new yet deeply rooted assortment of creatures such as Coin Iotair, Shag Foal, Cynocephali, and many more.

For readers looking for fantasy male x male romance check out her pen name under V.C. Willis with the Traibon Family Saga starting with books The Prince’s Priest and The Priest’s Assassin. If you are looking for steamy paranormal erotica, chase down Urban Legends and modern tellings of Fairy tales with Honey Cummings.

In 2020, she joined 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc. to bring over a decade of typesetting skills and industry knowledge to the table. Nothing is more rewarding for her than making fellow author’s dreams come to life in physical format. Designing and writing books has been a longtime passion since childhood of hers and she continues to inspire and encourage authors around the world whenever possible.


“Life is a war in which we face battle after battle. They all serve the purpose to remind us we can still bleed and feel, that we still breathe and thrive, even if it’s just for one more day, hour, or minute.”

Battle Goddess Badbh

King Incubus: A New Reign


“How many teeth did you knock out of their mouths to keep your freedom?” Badbh smiled and an excitement sparkled in her eyes.

“Not enough. Changed my name, changed towns, left a trail of blood only to walk into the…” He hesitated before snorting, “… well, the Lion’s Den with you all.”

Battle Goddess Badbh and Tony

King Incubus: A New Reign

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