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Which will prevail, Life or Death? Iapetos has come back into the lives of Talib and Hotan, but what will happen when his own memories come flooding back? Hotan must come to terms about his emotions regarding the man who is his father while deciphering his newfound feelings for Abigail. Meanwhile, Iapetos faces past regrets and must decide to let the past still haunt him or choose a life more fitting for who he wants to be. Talib can only wait for judgments to be made and decide if he even has the right to intervene in this epic closing to a centuries worth of family struggles.

Battle Goddess Remake

Fairy-Faith of the Celtic Countries

By W.Y. Evans Wentz

Fairies and the mysterious world of the fae have been tied into mythology, legend, superstition, fiction and even our history. They capture mischief and wonder of the world we live in, especially life in the forest or the garden. This book is a cornerstone in discovering testimonials, beliefs, roots, and even the science of fairies. Originally published in 1911, there are legends and stories within this tome you can’t find anywhere else. This book focuses on the Fairy-Faith phenomenon unfolding in the ‘Celtic Countries’ such as Ireland, Scotland, Britanny, Isle of Man, Cornawall, and Wales. Stories inside are about a large assortment of fairy, witches, and magicians. Discover tales about changelings, pixies, fairy dogs, sidhe, and many tales who have songs sung in connection to misadventures such as Crodh Chaliean. Magic users like witch-doctor to Merlin are mentioned often as well as the practice of exorcisms by Priests.




PREORDER - Release Feb 2019

How I Met My Other

Learn about all the twists, turns, and fun of falling in love with this unforgettable true story anthology.

People find the warmth of love in Antarctica. An obsession with blondes lands the big one. Squashing a guitar case leads to a blanket fort date. A soldier works to snag a sassy WWII nurse. A revenge date gets serious. Spaghetti reels someone in and they never go home again. And much, much more!

Love can come at the most surprising times and in the most unexpected places. In this short story collection, fifteen authors share their incredible, heart-warming, and often hilarious true tales of how they met their other.
PREORDER - Release Feb 2019

It Was Always You

When the one you hate is the one you love, things can get a little complicated. 

Love and Hate are often opposite sides of the same coin and sometimes, it can be hard to find your way to love. We all have a tendency to ignore our feelings until someone walks into our lives and makes us crazy. What happens when the person you think you don’t want anything to do with, is the very person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Each story in this anthology will remind you: things are never what they seem and love can be found in the darnedest places. Thrill of the Heart is a series of stories set in an anthology playing with different romance tropes in the vein of Hallmark Romance. So, if you love a Happily Ever After, this story is for you.


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