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NaNoWriMo 101 – 2017 Edition PowerPoint

Yesterday, on behalf of Orlando Nanowrimo at the South Trail location for OCLS I had the honor to introduce and inform writers what this “Nanowrimo” thing in November means. I had a great group and it was fun tackling the questions many still had after the presentation. Per my promise, here are links to the PowerPoint I used both in PDF and PPS format via DropBox:

Within this PowerPoint, those who were not there for my workshop, you will find a great run through covering:

  1. What is Nanowrimo and the goals involved

  2. 50k in 30 days

  3. 1,667 words per day on average

  4. Mission Statement

  5. Reasons You might be joining as well as reasons you should be joining

  6. Accomplish goal

  7. Networking

  8. Developing a Routine

  9. How on earth can one write 50k in 30 days

  10. Focus on first draft

  11. Plotter vs Pantser

  12. Join events locally and online

  13. Things You Might Want to know

  14. Self Doubt & Lack of Mojo can and will happen


  16. Don’t Delete anything you’ve written – you never know…

  17. Local Workshops & events

  18. Library

  19. Orlando Nano

  20. Writer’s Atelier

  21. Write-in to Attend

  22. Library

  23. Writer’s Atelier

  24. Central Florida Inklings

  25. Important Nanowrimo Links & Resources

  26. Orlando Nano Twitter and Facebook

  27. ML’s Brad Shreffler ( mrshreffler ) & Alli Martin ( Selfwinding )

  28. Writer’s Atelier

  29. Valerie Willis Info ( Valerie_Willis )


Links That May Help Within My Blog Site


Remember, you can sign up for NANOWRIMO event for FREE here at the main site:


Orlando Region Link on the Site is:




And as I stated at the event, gaining access to the Nanowrimo Forums is well worth getting involved, along with the ability to network and create a stable writing habit:


Other Groups in Orlando Area to Check Out

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