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VTMAS No.10: Take Your Pills

There is a time when we all request a good friend to house-sit for us. Whether you are truly concerned about your place getting broken into or you need someone to take care of pets, it’s something we’ve all done at least once.

The first thing we do is make sure the place is clean and at least nothing embarrassing is left out in the open. Granted in the rush of packing and catching a plane to your Honeymoon destination, you get a tad distracted.

A good friend of mine, who will be referred to as Bender in this story and future stories, accepted the task of house-sitter. We had asked Bender to house-sit and walk the dogs for us. At the time we lived out in the not-so-nice side of town in a rather countrified trailer park.

On our way back in, I had called to make sure all was well. Bender fussed about how our two, rather large dogs had no clue how to walk on a leash. My husband and I laughed, pointing out that he should have just let them run the large field outback.

Making it to the trailer, we wobbled through he front door. As it shut behind us, there on it was a large sign that my husband had left as a reminder for himself to, “Take your pills!!!”

Written in black marker across the note Bender had written, “NOOOOOOO!”

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