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VTMAS No.59: Firemen at My Wedding

I was one of the first among many of my friends to get married, and now, ten years later most have tied the knot or are doing so in 2017. One very special Lady is getting married, my Maid of Honor from my own wedding! I cannot express how happy I am for her and look forward to seeing her ceremony this April.

In the wake of her Bridal Shower and early bachelorette party, I cannot help but think back to my own small wedding and the bizarre incident before I entered the venue. Alisha had driven me over and as my bridal party kept things moving, we waited in the car. My aim is NO ONE got to see the bride until I was walking down the aisle.

As we sat there in her car, laughing and having a great time waiting for them to seat everyone, we noticed the two SUV’s pulling into the parking spot directly in front of us.

I paled, “Oh my God… please tell me the fire department is here for my wedding…”

“What?” Alisha looked away from fixing her hair in the mirror and noticed the Fire Department decals on the truck. “Oh hell no…”

We looked to one another and then back to the trucks in anticipation of what might happen next. “Well, they aren’t rushing out and the lights and sirens weren’t on…”

Before either of us could add much more to our out loud thinking, all eight SUV doors opened. I am pretty sure we both straightened and held our breaths. The first one out was shirtless, muscular, and in swimming shorts. Again, we glanced to one another, a sparkle in our eyes as we relaxed in our seats. More firemen, all shirtless and in board shorts came piling out and I found myself a blushing bride for all the wrong naughty reasons.

“Alisha, you didn’t have to hire this many strippers…” We started giggling.

“Oh my god…” She started slapping my arm. “They are freaking gorgeous!”

“What a wedding gift.” I was in tears over the sight.

We must have been cackling rather loud because they all paused, looked over, smiled and waved. “Congratulations!” They chanted and I waved back and lipped Thank you!

Turning to Alisha I finished what I really meant, “Thank you for the view!”

We still crack up about it… what were the chances a WHOLE fire department of hotties planned to go boating and swimming at the lake entrance right within our view from the car moments before I would have to walk down the aisle of my wedding HAHAHAHA!

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