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Romance, Magic, Mystery…and Chocolate!

Writers come in all flavors and the ladies of are at least as varied. But one thing that does seem to be universal is a love of chocolate! Cindy Lynn Speer shares how chocolate acted as her inspiration in her novel, The Chocolatier’s Wife, and upcoming sequel! 

How much research do you do and where do you get your information?

The Chocolatier’s Wife (And the sequel that’s coming out at the end of June, The Chocolatier’s Ghost) both required a bit of research into chocolate making. When I first got into the first book, I bought a ton of books on chocolate history and read until I had a good grasp. A lot of it doesn’t make it into the book – it is mostly so that while William is doing stuff and talking to his wife, Tasmin, he looks like he has half a clue as…

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